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Posted by Gavin Kennedy on Sunday, February 19, 2012, In : Coaching 
Step into your choices and stop telling yourself that you can't,
when what you really mean is that you don't want other people
to feel the way you think that are going to feel
when they see you making the choices you really want to make.
Got it?
Neale Donald Walsch 

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Posted by Gavin Kennedy on Wednesday, February 8, 2012, In : Coaching 
Waiting, waiting, waiting.... (for what you want)

Imagine for me, if you will, that a new restaurant has opened near where you live and you decide to try it out for dinner.

You arrive and are impressed by the beautiful decor and warm, friendly ambiance.
Your efficient and polite waiter shows you to your table, seats you, pours you a glass of ice water with a slice of lemon and hands you a menu.

But you refuse to look at the menu, let alone read it....

Or even speak to him....
Instead, you simply si...
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