Waiting, waiting, waiting.... (for what you want)

Imagine for me, if you will, that a new restaurant has opened near where you live and you decide to try it out for dinner.

You arrive and are impressed by the beautiful decor and warm, friendly ambiance.
Your efficient and polite waiter shows you to your table, seats you, pours you a glass of ice water with a slice of lemon and hands you a menu.

But you refuse to look at the menu, let alone read it....

Or even speak to him....
Instead, you simply sit there and stare at him in silence and wait for him to bring your un-ordered meal.

Now perhaps you're fortunate and he's an experienced waiter, maybe he's used to strange customers?

 he heads off to the kitchen and brings you a random starter... 
(the chef highly recommends this one)
...which you don't like the look of, and ignore.

 Your silent staring continues (but with a slightly higher level of frustration and unhappiness for both you and the waiter)

After a few more uncomfortable minutes the waiter sighs deeply, removes the starter, and brings you a random main course....
which you also don't like the look of.....
and again the silent, unhappy staring continues.
This scenario is repeated for your drinks order, your dessert order and even your coffee (which the waiter kindly added full-cream milk and 3 sugars to, since you didn't say what you wanted)

At the end of the evening you begrudgingly pay the bill and storm off to complain, to any of your friends and family who'll listen, about what a terribly unhappy experience you had.

It may seem obvious that the odds of having a great meal would be greatly improved by seeing what's on offer, and asking for it. If you made some choices from the menu, based on what you liked and wanted at the time, and then spoke these choices out loud to the waiter (who is in the ideal position to bring them to you) then the chances of enjoying the meal and evening are far better.

Now what if..... life is like a restaurant!
What would you do differently?
Starting.... right..... now!