Life Coaching is an exciting and rewarding process of self-discovery and improvement,
a process of conversation and discussion, engagement and learning,
designed to remove your fear and inspire and encourage* you
to manifest the life you want for yourself.
This is a "do with" process and not a "do to" one.

*encourage - to mentally support; to motivate, give courage, hope or spirit; to spur on; to give help or patronage 

A Life Coach is much like a sports coach who has the job of coaching a person or a team to perform to their full potential. My job is to help you to access the resources within yourself to create the behaviour that will result in the life that you want for yourself.

You already have within you what you need to create the life you want. If you don’t believe this or you cannot see it, then I would suggest that it’s time to get some outside help. If you do believe that you already have what it takes, but you don’t have the results you want, even though you have applied yourself and tried to change your thinking and behaviour to support the results you desire, then a good Life Coach will be of great help to you.

As your Life Coach I will teach you how to understand and take control of your inner world. I believe that over 90% of our behaviour occurs without us consciously thinking about it. That means that we only consciously consider around 10% of our behaviour. That explains why, in spite of all our effort, we don’t always get the results we want.

My Life Coaching program is about gaining control of that 90% of your behaviour that currently runs on autopilot. I know that it is possible for you to take control of your life. What you do right now is determining the results in your life anyway, even if you don’t feel in control. Why not learn how to consciously take control, so that you can get the results that you want instead.

Below is very simplified model of how we create results in our lives.

  • our actions produce our results;
  • our thinking causes our actions; and
  • our conditioned minds are responsible for our thinking.

Conditioned Mind -> Thinking -> Actions -> Results

You're probably reading this page because you have tried to change your actions, and your thinking, and you are just not succeeding - yet. Lasting change occurs in the conditioned mind (also known as the unconscious mind). What goes on in your conditioned mind determines what you think about. That is why changing your thinking and actions without engaging the conditioned mind is very difficult and often a long and painful process.

You will engage with your conditioned mind, probably for the first time in your life, during my Life Coaching program. 

Life Coaching has never been this effective. My Life Coaching Program is 100% scientific and practical. I guarantee my results and have a 100% track record. Yet my Life Coaching Program is not for everyone. I choose my Clients, not because of arrogance, but because I want Clients that are as committed to getting the desired results as I am. I am merely the facilitator of your transformation. However, you are the one that creates change within yourself. Without your full commitment to the coaching process we will not get the desired results and that is not an option that exists in my world.

I am aware that I making bold claims and making heavy demands right from the onset.

I do this only because I care and because I truly want what is best for you.

If you have any areas in your life that you are not fully satisfied with, aspects of your day-to-day existence that you would like to improve, then coaching is right for you. There are no magic pills or potions that will fix that unsettling, gnawing, feeling in your soul. Life is about change, and change is about learning, and learning gets harder as we get older (or so we tell ourselves). This is where Life Coaching fits into your life...

As your Life Coach I commit to...

  • respect your model of the world regardless of my beliefs
  • focus on the results that you want (not results that anyone else thinks you should have)
  • assist in objectives that increase your choice (we will discuss this in depth at the info session)
  • assist in objectives that are ecological (I will only assist with objectives that are good for you, your environment and the world I live in)

My philosophy is a very fundamentalist one, and while there are no short-cuts, there are techniques and processes that I guarantee will aid you in finding, and living, your happy life. Unlike most coaching programs out there, my program is designed to eliminate the need for my services as quickly as possible. I am totally focused on empowering you to take charge of your life without needing to depend on me in any way moving forward. My Life Coaching Program is very simple. I facilitate lasting change equipping you to create the life you want.

So go ahead, make that choice to live the life you want and contact me for your Personal Coaching Sessions.

Do you even NEED a Life Coach?

How do you hire me to be YOUR Coach?

Some kind words from Clients :-)

"Gavin, I would just like to thank you
for being part of my amazing transformation!
Your commitment came with compassion
and a gentleness that made the changes effortless,
and dare I say now - easy.
I have no doubt that your light will shine ever so bright
and touch many lives as you have touched mine!"

"Gavin, you really switched something on with your kind wise words earlier.
Have not stopped thinking about it. Thank you.
For caring enough to say it -and for having the capacity to." 

"You taught me that you get what you focus on
and now I'm a true believer in that!
Thank you so much for getting me on the right track."

"You've helped me way more than you can ever imagine!!!!
I really do appreciate that."