...when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at - change...

"I can't sing."
"That was fine Henry."
"I can't sing like you"
"Of course not, you're supposed to sing like you."

The Time Traveler's Wife.

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Hi there, and welcome to my world :-)

There comes a time in each of our lives when we take an introspective look at who we are, where we are, what we've achieved, where we're going and, perhaps most importantly.... what impact we want to make during our all-too-short time on earth. The Sunflower Organisation is the result of my personal journey and discovery that I'm a nurturer through-and-through. And that explains my desire to live the life I want whilst making a meaningful contribution to people and organisations around, and close to, me.

My passions include teaching (in general), life coaching and assisting schools cut costs (particularly electricity and water). I absolutely love being involved in the personal transformations of people (who are ready, willing and able to change) into all they can be. I also specialise in consulting to people starting-up or transforming their businesses (often in a mentoring role) and assisting companies and individuals with goal setting.

I currently spend a lot of my time working with individuals, small businesses and start-ups to clearly define their goals and at the same time register domains, set-up email, design and create their websites (there are some examples on the right-hand side of this page) host them and manage their blogging and SEO. This process naturally extends to updating business plans and defining milestones.

I am actively involved at Bryanston High School where I'm currently acting chairman of the School Governing Body (after being on the SGB of Bryandale Primary School previously)

I occasionally work with the inspiring Vasintha Pather in delivering Graphic Facilitation sessions to her growing list of Corporate and "blue-chip" clients. Vasintha started, and still heads-up, inter-arise - a company that enables collective effectiveness. This is only one of the numerous valuable courses offerd by inter-arise, aimed at enhancing individual and organisational effectiveness. 

I've been involved in live radio and television broadcasting for many years, setting-up several radio stations (Solid Gold, Buwa FM, East Wave, Mix FM) and was part of the team that got South Africa's most successful community televison station off-the-ground (Soweto TV).

In 2008 I sold my business (which I started ten years earlier) providing in-store radio and television to large corporations (most notably the entire Edcon Group - Edgars, Jet, CNA, Boardmans Etc, but clients also included Ster-Kinekor, parastatal Transnet and creative and exciting mining-house Harmony Gold's Nic Alexandre. I then took a nice long sabbatical to spend more time with my three children (yip, I'm a full-time single parent too)) and I take more frequent and longer holidays with them. I recently got re-involved in my old business (AirMedia), but as a minor shareholder, leaving me lots of time to continue spending with my children, consulting for small businesses, coaching individual seeking to live the lives they want, writing, taking photographs, teaching art, painting, drawing and traveling.

Most mornings you'll find me enjoying my coffee, morning paper and sudoku at my local Mugg & Bean.

How can I assist you to live the life you want?
Johannesburg, South Africa
February 2014

PS - here's a cool video about vision, eyes and brain working together

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