A not-for profit organization helping people find dignity,
on every street, 
through at-source recycling.

WOMBLES.org.za is a new and exciting Community project aimed at assisting the informal (and largely invisible) men and women you may have noticed pushing trolleys on our streets.

Did you know that some of them travel 20 – 30 km a day to take their “treasure” to recycling depots? That’s after sifting through hundreds of bins and sorting what’s "valuable".

This method of recycling is proving to be so efficient as to render many recycling companies’ collection plans moot.

Our objectives are…

  • …to encourage home-owners to separate recyclable material for easier collection by the “Wombles”;
  • …to facilitate collection points closer to the suburbs; and
  • …to ensure that competitive market prices are paid to the Womble for recyclables collected.

We are funded through donations from companies and individuals and also distribute sponsor-branded trolleys and warm clothing.