Becoming a Client of mine...

  • be ready for change, sincerely and congruently (i.e. all of you wants to change) ;
  • download and read the pre-study - then read it again;

We will need about an hour together. During this meeting I will share the practical details of what my program is about as well as how we will achieve and measure our results. I cover the methodology, approach and reasoning behind my entire program. This is also your opportunity to ask questions and clarify any queries or concerns you might have. At this point we also discuss the finance and any other queries. This is a paid-for session (but it'll usually be at a nice coffee shop, and I'll pay for the coffee)

Once we have agreed to work together, I require you to complete my client disclosure and commitment agreement.

We will then schedule our time together. While each Client has different needs and outcomes, the entire program usually takes approximately 12 – 16 hours spread out over several sessions of up to 2 hours each.

My Life Coaching Program is designed to give you the “kick-start” and complete toolkit you need to go out and create the life you want. All sessions are one-on-one and scheduled to suit both our diaries at the time of scheduling and we'll meet at my office in Randburg. I prefer to work mornings as I enjoy my afternoons and evenings with my family (OK, kids' homework isn't always fun) but I have at times run my program after hours because of Client constraints.

Go ahead, now.... make that choice to live the life you want.... contact me now to be your personal Life Coach.

Do you even NEED a Life Coach?

What IS a Life Coach anyway?